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Moisturizing Gel face Distingué

 Moisturizing Gel care for Man, distingué 
Moisturizing Gel care for Man, distingué


Intimu winner mark of the Slow - cosmetic.

Distingué, the moisturizing gel healthy glow that brings sparkle and vitamins to your skin. He moisturizes and protects without sticking and penetrating rapidly .

Composed of aloe vera gel BIO, oily macerate Organic Carrots and essential oil of myrtle Bio, its texture perfectly suited to masculine gestures fast and deep green scent suitable for all skin: Young to mature, sensitive and thick, dry to oily skin problems.

Its new formula enriched with organic carrot oily macerate reinforces the action looks good and protective of Distinguished.

What Distinguished for you.

  • Nourishes and hydrates the epidermis
  • Bring healthy glow and radiance to dull and tired skin
  • Refines skin texture (astringent)
  • Provides light firming effect
  • Leave a fine protective film that makes the skin soft

Usage tips.

On a clean, dry skin, apply some pressure of this gel on the tip of your own fingers. Then apply with gentle gestures on your face and neck : From the center to the outside and from bottom to top. The immediate tightening effect and masculine scent of green myrtle part in its effectiveness and your pleasure.
Do not overload yourself and find your own dosage: The tightening effect just before mentioned should not last. Thus, the texture of your skin is more supple and soft.

Focus on organic essential oil : Myrtle Green.

The essential oil Myrtle Green (Myrtle Corsica) has cosmetic virtues increasingly recognized: Ultra-rich in antioxidants but also toning and astringent skin, it is ideal for mature skin, wrinkled as well as skin problems or devitalized .

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