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Oliambru - Beauty Balm with Immortelle of Corsica -

 Oliambru -Beauty balm with essential oil of immortelle - 
Oliambru -Beauty balm with essential oil of immortelle -

Manufactured by : Laboratory CYRNAROM - Bastia - Corsica -

Known for their cosmetic properties, natural plant oils have been used for centuries already.
Thus, oil Copra , by Polynesian peoples and the Indian Ocean, Avocado oil , Anti-wrinkle confirmed by the Indians peoples of the Andes and Mexico.
Olive oil and oil of sweet almonds , by the Mediterranean peoples.

Modern science in conjunction with this ancestral experience, led by the judicious mix of these EXOTIC CORSES and oils, a valuable product, an original design.

* No greasing

* Very penetrating

* Moisturizer

OLIAMBRU suitable for sensitive skin

It should be used both for the daily care of your face and your body for sun protection at sea as to the mountains.

OLIAMBRU - delicately scented CISTE of Corsica, in TIARE and BENZOIN, will ensure an even tan and a soft and silky.

NB: This balm also contains a sunscreen.

At a temperature of 25 ° OLIAMBRU becomes liquid

Brand : cyrnarom
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