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Serum Day for Mature Skin - Pulpeuse -

 Pulpeuse - Serum Day & Night - Mature Skin -
- Intimù made in Corsica - Made in Maquis 
Pulpeuse - Serum Day & Night - Mature Skin -
- Intimù made in Corsica - Made in Maquis



- INTIMU Made in Corsica - Made in Maquis -

This serum easily replace your day cream, your skin will be nourished, protected and regenerated!

- Your skin knows of strong changes since your hormonal status chang e.
- You're in pre-menopause or menopause.
- Your skin is dry, presents more accentuated wrinkles, loses firmness.
- Your skin may be duller and some unusual buttons can sometimes appear.
- Your skin is mature .

This is not necessarily related to your age, but your hormonal status.

Thus your skin needs to be nourished, protected and strengthened .

LUSCIOUS is a daily care of day rich in natural antioxidants (vitamins, polyphenols) that can invigorate and regenerate your skin . This mature skin serum formulated to completely replace your day cream.

Results for your skin:

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Recovery cellular activity
  • Regenerates and confers elasticity
  • Tones and re-energizes the skin
  • Softens and protects your skin
  • Do not stick, does not shine

The advice of Helen for optimum efficiency of your serum:

In the morning, a toned skin, apply 2 or 3 pressures of your serum on your fingertips and warm it slightly. Apply it with gentle gestures on your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. low movement is performed in the top and from the inside to the outside of the face.

Beauty tip Ìntimu

Spray generously your floral water on the face, then without waiting for the water dries, apply your serum. You create an emulsion and thus a true moment of sweetness!

50ml bottle

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