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Source of youth night cream Calarella

 Source of youth night cream Calarella 
Source of youth night cream Calarella

This Calarella night skincare combines the virtues of organic Immortelle* and Cistus* essential oils and organic Apricot Kernel oil** to repair your skin during the night.

It favours cellular renewal, heps fght the appearance of visible signs of aging and revives the complexion.

* Essential oils renowned for astringent, firming and regenerating exceptional properties

** Rich in fatty acds and vitamins A,E

Application :

  • Apply the cream on clean and dry skin.
  • Heat the material for a few seconds in the palm of your hands to bring it to the temperature of the skin.
  • Put small amounts of care on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.
  • Perform gentle movements from the center of the face autward until coplete penetration.
  • Finish the application byupward movements on the neck.

Brand : Calarella
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