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Skincare routine dry skin

 Dry skin routine  
Dry skin routine

Well nourished and vitaminized, dry skin is luminous thanks to the high concentration of anti-oxidant and repairing active ingredients in this routine.
The 3 products I need in 1 click!
Bi-phase revealing cleansing oil in 100ml
+ Myrtle floral water or your choice in 100ml spray
+ Luminous serum in 50ml


Intimu, winner of Slow - cosmetics.

My skin is dry. It needs to be gently cleaned , without stripping, a nourishing care that will make it comfortable and protect it from tightness . My complexion needs to be brighter and regain radiance. The Intimu dry skin routine perfectly meets these needs.

My Intimu dry skin routine is:

  • Revealing
  • Acqua di Murta
  • Bright

Hélène's advice:


1. Wake up, tone and prepare your skin to receive its care. Spray your floral water on your face and neck. Do not wipe. This aromatic tonic lotion replaces your micellar water for example.

2. Nourish and protect your skin. Apply your serum to your wet face and neck. Take 2 to 4 pressures of your serum. Heat slightly between your palms. Apply it by laying the flat of your hands on either side of your face, forehead and neck. Then smooth your features from the inside to the outside with your fingertips. Avoid the eye area. Use gentle gestures. The Intimu tip: Creating an emulsion between the droplets of my floral water and my serum optimizes its effectiveness, improves its penetration and provides infinite softness on my skin! The Intimu +: My serum replaces and eliminates my day cream! It is sufficient on its own, no need for a day cream. If I put on make-up, I wait 3 minutes, the time to brush my teeth and then I apply my foundation, my powder or other!


1. Remove make-up and cleanse your skin effectively and gently. Shake Révélatrice, the makeup remover / cleansing oil for all skin types. Collect a dab in the palm of your hand. Using your fingertips, remove makeup by massaging. I remove all traces of makeup and all everyday dirt with my fingertips. The oil removes the fat from my makeup, even waterproof. It replaces my soap, my usual cleansing gel or my micellar water. The Intimu advantage: While cleaning my skin, I relax the features of our face. I close my eyes and feel each of my gestures on my face: My make-up removal turns into a moment of relaxation.

2. Complete the cleansing / make-up removal, tone and prepare your skin to receive its care. Spray your floral water. Remove impurities with a cotton ball or washable wipe. Repeat until you get a clean wipe. Your skin is clean, healthy and luminous.

3. Optional: Nourish and / or protect your skin from dehydration. I apply a few drops of my Luminous serum in the evening as well. If my skin is devitalized, I choose Distingué, the revitalizing fluid made from aloe vera. Intimu advice: Let your skin regenerate on its own, without care, a few nights a week. Stop your routine in step 2.

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