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Facial scrub by Intimù

 Polissonne face scrub by Intimù Corsica 
Polissonne face scrub by Intimù Corsica


Polissonne face scrub by Intimù

Slow Cosmetic

The double exfoliating action of Polissonne, mechanical and enzymatic exfoliant , provides a clear complexion and a healthy glow effect, in addition to the anti-wrinkle benefits brought by the stimulation of micro-circulation.

Ultra-melting, the Polissonne face scrub offers each skin type an ideal texture for simple and practical use.


Intimu, artisanal brand with the Slow-cosmetic mention.

  • Exfoliating your face with suitable care is one of the most effective anti-wrinkle and healthy-looking gestures.
  • By removing dead cells and impurities from your skin, you will find a pretty complexion immediately or almost.
  • From 30 years, it acts as a preventive on the effects of age and even reduces wrinkles in the long term.

What Polissonne face scrub does for your skin:

  • Eliminates dead cells
  • Stimulates blood exchange
  • Activates micro-circulation
  • Unclogs pores
  • Facilitates the penetration of your daily care and increases their effectiveness
  • Reveals the radiance of your complexion
  • Leaves the feeling of clear and clean skin
  • Contributes to the reduction of wrinkles by stimulating cell renewal

2 complementary actions for clear skin.

Polissonne brings together:
- the possibility of a gentle mechanical exfoliation thanks to the organic plum almond powder.
- the enzymatic action called “peeling” thanks to AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids) also called fruit acids naturally contained in quality honey.

Thanks to this dual exfoliating and regenerating action, your skin is soft and clear, your complexion is radiant and looks even.

For which skins?

Each skin type _normal, combination, oily, dry_ benefits from the cleansing , good-looking and anti-aging benefits of the Polissonne melting face scrub.

Dehydrated, delicate and reactive skin also benefits from the revitalizing and protective action of organic virgin vegetable oils from apricot kernels and protective sesame, as well as the ultra-hydrating action of Cape Honey.

Thanks to its peeling action , our face scrub is also ideal for imperfections , which should not be “erased” with a mechanical exfoliant.

Without water, Polissonne is naturally more active: A small amount is enough to restore radiance to your face and décolleté.

Directions for use for optimal effectiveness of your Slow-cosmetic face scrub:

- Collect a small hazelnut with a clean spatula. Coarsely spread it over your face.
- Then, carry out great caresses with the flat of your hand on the whole of your face, neck and décolleté . Avoid the eye area.
- Repeat these gentle movements for several minutes.
- Rinse if necessary with lukewarm water (this step is optional depending on the amount of scrub used).
- Spray the Intimu floral water of your choice and remove the grains.

Skin with imperfections, hyper-reactive, fragile:
- If you suffer from “raised” imperfections , that is to say white, inflamed and / or infected pimples, do not erase your skin on the parts of your face which are affected: Cover them with Polissonne and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse gently.
- Fragile, reactive skin: Similarly, do not erase your skin and take advantage of the “peeling” action to get a new look. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse gently.

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